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Recommended Reading for Separating Parents

For a comprehensive discussion about an evaluation, see A Parent's Guide to Custody and Access Family Assessment. by Dr. Arthur Leonoff
(While Caoimhe’s assessment varies somewhat in approach and format from Dr Leonoff, his account is useful for parents undertaking an assessment.)

Relevant Reading Matter

Parenting After Divorce, by Phillip Stahl (published 2002 by Impact Publishers)
An easy read at a difficult time, with a focus on minimizing conflict between parents while strengthening your relationship with your children. Highly recommended reading for all parents.

Good Parenting Through Your Divorce, by Mary Ellen Hannibal (published 2002 by Marlowe & Company). This wise and practical book is about doing divorce well, when children are involved. It is about reorganizing the family, rather than losing the family, so we can meet the needs of our children and carry on the task of effective parenting. In the long run, how we as parents handle our divorce will be more important for our children than the fact of divorce itself. 

Making Divorce Easier on Your Child by Nicholas Long and Rex Forehand (published 2002 by Contemporary Books)

Caught in the Middle: Protecting the Children of High-Conflict Divorce, by Carla Garrity & Mitchell Baris (published 1994, available from Jossey-Bass Publishers)

Splitting; Protecting yourself while Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcisstic personality disorder Bill Eddy & Randi Kreger.

Caoimhe Nic Dhomhnaill
Child Psychologist and Pyschotherapist

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